Everything you need to know about the leptin diet

The leptin diet was designed by Byron J. Richards, a board-certified businessman and clinical nutritionist. Richards' company, Wellness Resources, makes herbal supplements designed to support the leptin diet. He has also written several books on leptin and its role in weight loss and health. Resurge supplement

Leptin was first discovered in 1994. It is a hormone produced in your body's fat stores. Their job is to tell your brain when you're full, which makes you stop eating. Leptin also supports efficient metabolism. Its role in weight loss, weight gain, and obesity has been studied in animals and humans.

Leptin travels through your blood, through your circulatory system, to the center of your brain's appetite. There, it binds to the receptors that are responsible for making you feel hungry. This helps reduce your appetite, curbing your desire to eat. Leptin also travels through your nervous system, stimulating fatty tissue to burn fat and calories.

If too much leptin builds up in the blood, you can develop leptin resistance. When this occurs, the leptin in your body may not do its job effectively, resulting in weight gain. The exact cause of leptin resistance is unknown, but obesity and stress may play a role. Cortisol, a hormone that is released when you are under stress, can make your brain less receptive to leptin and cause you to overeat.



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