How to create your own money and out of poverty!

*40% of jobs will be replaced by ai and robotic. *
Few days ago, i went to republic polytechnic to visit the warehousing and logistic department.  1 hour of guided tour to show case how automation with robots and ai is taking place at aggressive rate worldwide.  
From customer service, ecommerce, warehousing to logistic, the need of human work is being eliminated as more and more solution taking place.  
Hence today many government is exploring
*universal basic income*, run trial test and unable to come to a nationwide implementation.  
People argue if *you give free money, they will be lazy*, and people also argue we will have *freedom to explore more creative, innovative solutions*. 
Both are equally right, it is the idea of no need to work yet have income that makes people *love and hate* at the same time.  
*Do you support universal basic income?*
What if you can create your own money.  Really create your own money like *Alancoin, Robincoin* through crypto and free yourself from economy slavery?
_Fyi:  i already developed the new upgrade of viroboss business model and went through my 12 angle of business and it is 11 green except government angle._
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