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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The number of COVID-19 cases in Lexington continues to rise.

The health department is reporting 54 new COVID-19 cases and three additional deaths in Lexington since Saturday. The county now has 1,129 confirmed cases and the death toll has reached 20.

According to the health dept., Lexington had 182 new cases and six new deaths last week.

The health department tells us there are two main factors for the increase, more testing, but also people interacting more as businesses begin to reopen.

From June 8, June 14, Lexington reported 182 new cases and 6 new deaths.

We knew numbers would start rising as testing became more available, but health department spokesperson Kevin Hall tells me that increase is also because people are socializing more.

People who had stayed home are now visiting family members, restaurants are serving people, and some bars that serve food are open.

They’re asking people to continue to wear masks in public, wash your hands frequently and social distance.

With those restaurants reopening they’ve been responsible for enforcing the new restrictions. While they’ve had a few calls, for the most part those businesses are happy to be back open and are following the rules.

“Usually what we’re seeing is it’s just a lack of information,” Hall said. "They maybe misunderstood something, it’s very rare if at all somebody has just been thumbing their nose at it. What we are seeing is people are for the most part going along with this.

Hall said another issue for them is the number of cases growing in Lexington’s Hispanic population. Hispanics make up about seven percent of the city’s population, but 24 percent of COVID cases.

He said they’re working with the city and leaders in that community to try to limit the spread.

The state totals, as of Monday morning, are 12,445 cases and 499 deaths.

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