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  • If you would like to maintain a constructive conversation To begin with, please don't deflect the subject to individual comment. Assuming you agree with this, then I can inform you that the RS gold livestreams have all the layout and sometime even playing demos (e.g. from the heart experience and shattered world showcases), not just an image. As instances like quests, there are obviously dependencies for. The quests can't be shown by them without discharging Desperate Steps. And FYI Measures is going to be the next quest released according to this afternoon's livestream. Don't say there's no communication from the RS3 teams.

    The matter is that the discussion is not constructive since you have a bias against OSRS. I've noticed you garbage RuneScape countless occasions on this subreddit and it is obvious that you won't consider. Anyways neither of us is going to change our view. I think that it would be nice for RS3 to execute a news post very similar to OSRS and I find it interesting that you would not, because it would just be an additional source of good news for RuneScape.Again, you continue attempting to deflect the subject to private comments. Since I have no intention to steer the topic to discussion not appropriate to the Reddit and also the RuneScape subreddit, I have no choice except to finish our discussion here. Comments regarding private attacks/issues ought to be managed off this subreddit.

    Ok so why can't they write posts like the 1 OSRS did? Not everybody has time to tune however they DO have enough time to read about what the future holds, a well written post. It is like the reason why Netflix/Streaming is killing cable TV. Netflix can be watched by you consequently and anytime about waiting to look on TV, because of the who cares. Told you RS3 has Livestream Roundups in shape of a transcript that is weekly. They are actually offering in RS3 jobs in form of a weekly rather than a monthly or biweekly writeup at OSRS. You didn't even visit the RS3 News pages.

    My thoughts on the community are optimistic

    I didn't know rs 2107 gold had a place in which each processing skill is trained by you? Sorry if the meaning of this joke was too osrs centric but essentially wintertodt is known for its packed character and cancerous overly political discussions which appears to be the same at the mobile hub lol. I lowkey miss this kind of trollish behavior. I used to see it each time I went fishing or mining, but everybody keeps to them. I recall fishing in Living Rock Caverns one day and somebody simply said"Benghazi" or something and then teleported away, and another 20 minutes were individuals ranting about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It was entertaining, but now I just miss seeing folks talk.

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