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  • If you haven't spent time and don't know football well and developed the stick-skill to be a professional, then you'll get fucked up in my league. That makes it enjoyable to play in. Playing the"right way" can take you quite far. The # 1 ranked H2H player and I played with in the world. I lost by 10 and it could have been nearer. So their only hope to win is cheesing the people you're playing are bad and possess limited understanding. Bruh, you and I must play with. I run each of the offensive play Madden 21 coins pproaches you mentioned and then some. I play my teams standard play books too along with my teams playbook is barely popular (vikings).

    And I really don't cheese plays. I will keep running it till you figure out how to close it down, When I have a play that I can keep running that you have no response for though. There are cheese plays bbut you have to fiddle with your defensive play calls enough time to find it out. I play the vikings and can pitch a great game. The vikes have virtually their O Line stinks and Cousins cant scramble and no threat for shit Ive been forced to rely on ability and play calling. My overall score is at the best 25%.

    Good Morning Madden Daily Recap

    EA is money hungry and they continue to put a game year after year which has mechanics/animations that are broken and gameplay. Funnel them and consumers continue to buy their product $. Why bother to repair their shit product when people are still buying their game and buying tons of packs with $? This right is 100 percent the matter. Why should they focus on fixing an issue if people will throw money at it.

    The oddest thing that ever occurred to MUT is it getting as big as it is. So much money involved there is no incentive to create a good product. I think we'd observe MUT resemble nearer to MUT25, When it hadn't blown up to the level its at. But since then it has become higher packs costs, lower OVR, package value that is lower content, and EA is making more money than ever before. However, the thing is they make more money fixing their product in the long term.

    I concur. I dont believe people would have a problem spending money when buy Madden 21 coins play was good, content was good, good value in packs. But the exec in EA just see the cash coming in as opposed. Can they earn more money with gameplay that is better?

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