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  • I really enjoy this ability, first time in Madden I've actually needed to make certain I account for dominant pass rushers with my pass pro. Only give us more options and we actually require scheme alternatives to install before Madden nfl to keep players like this in check. I like the general idea though that if you leave a player like Von Miller one-on-one you are going to have a really bad time.Rex (old manager or w.e) stated he wanted to go the course of season passes basically. EA did not need that.

    If you'd like Madden nfl to be simulation, have a look at the older Madden 21 coins game guy. The animations within that game look so smooth. Madden seems better visually, but 2k performs smoother and seems more true to life with how the gamers react/move. Rex stated that he doesn't listen to people who like 10 year-old gameplay and I think that is the incorrect move. 2k had physics and motion in a spot that is solid. Even if MUT / comp can't reach there, they created the sim slider for a reason lol.

    Abilities are passed by superstar interior. (Aaron Donald, Chris Jones, Fletcher Cox) Considering we CAN'T double group these guys on Playaction passes (which is strange, considering that the"run activity" inside should impede the rush), alongside the fact that there's only ONE inner o lineman using a pass block capability, and very SLOW QB releases, and this makes these players O.P.. If they're not gonna nerf these abilities at least give us the tools. (Blocking choices, Check and Publish choices, DOUBLE TEAMS ON PLAYSTATION, and allowing us leave our RB in after the imitation on buy Madden 21 coins playstation rather than conducting their default paths ).

    I didn't understand how powerful this was yesterday before it was unlocked by my franchise RB. I was running out into the left, and it seemed just like a very long gain since my LT had prevented the DE from sealing the border. The DE pulls on one of these spin moves that are annoying as hell and now has my RB. I just moved the 90 degrees to the right and also my RB planted his foot so hard that I swear I heard that an break. I haven't seen a player contort his body how my RB did on this play.

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