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  • I've got two friends at work that are big into bike racing 2K MT games and they both state that TT2 is a fantastic step up from TT1, especially in the region of controls/handling. I play a great deal of racing games, but maybe not a great deal of bike racing games, and I couldn't get a proper grip on the controls in one whatsoever. There are a few options from the menus they told me should help, but I haven't tried them yet. Anyhow, TT2 appears to be a step up and I have been looking forward to trying it out so this is perfect!Looks like the massive grind is still there though, but if the game IS much easier than TT1 then I figure I might find the game down the road. Don't like the look of that Hardcare cheevo however, sounds like you gotta do the entire game in that difficulty.

    NBA 2K21: See minimum requirements to perform the basketball game.

    The PC version can be obtained free of charge before 12:00 (GMT) following Thursday (27). The promotion opens the Epic Games Store summer Mega Sale (or large sale), which offers discounts and a single free game per week before June 17th. NBA 2K21 is free in PC version simply and, once redeemed, will soon be accessible forever in the user's library and can be accessed at any time.

    Fortnite Team Battles: how to participate in the Buy NBA 2K Coins championship and acquire V-Bucks. However, these platforms aren't contained in the Epic Games Store offering plus all of them sell the sport at varying prices.

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