You Can Eliminate Ratings From NBA 2K21


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  • I believe everyone's been saying and agreeing that current gen NBA 2K21 MT Coins is going to be a copy & paste game. If you anticipate more than a feature set upgrade, you're out of your mind. They are in the company of earning money and are going to want to help consoles.

    2k could have literally made this trailer and nobody would think it's 2k21

    I feel like with this game they went extra lazy, just like they put the effort to copy and paste the exact same shit.People are so compact, this is how it is when you have a next gen model coming lol, anybody who did not realize this, that is on them.It's 2020 and you are all whining about a sports game being the same?They need to charge another $60 to get a patch.That's a valid problem regardless of what season it is.Still goin to play it till I get bored.Looks pretty much the same as 2k21.

    Any info when the next gen trailer will be released?That's fine. I was not planning on buying this year anyways.The present playoffs are just starting.All roads lead to me not buying 2K21. I can't believe I have already had this game for almost a year guy am I lucky!The crowds social distancing not buying 2k21. I made the choice to wait for the next gen sport and play 2k20 until then when I heard that the next gen version of the game is going to be different than the current gen. That tells me that the current gen version of 2k21 is going to be 2k20 (or 2k19) because there is no way they'd work on two games at once.

    I am not even expecting next gen to be that much greater tbh.This was the exact same complaint this sub had when it transferred from PS3/360 to present gen. Do not understand what people were expecting as far as images go.It's a useless complaint if you morons will only buy it anyway me included but I do not despise the game like most of the people within this sub do.I made the exact same slogan in my video lol.Yall keep complaining about how its the same, but how much further can they go on current gen? The hardware is old and obsolete. Just wait for

    Well I don't buy Buy 2K MT until their 15 bucks used so I am cool with it if we get a fantastic draft class.Y'all are actually thinking it was gonna be something? They're out of code and working on following gen. Everybody knew this game are just like 2k20. This is 2k21? 2k really out here scamming us every year.I do not understand what you would like them to do with all the visuals? Basketball hasn't changed a whole lot.

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