What to pay attention to before and during the installation of Raymond mill


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  • March 12, 2020 10:30 AM - September 18, 2020 12:00 PM ((GMT+08:00) Singapore)
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  • Raymond mill is suitable for the preparation of various ore powders and coal powders, such as the fine powder processing of raw materials, gypsum ore, coal and other materials. This article is mainly a brief description of matters related to the installation of Raymond mill, the specific details are as follows:
    Preparations before the installation of Raymond mill:
    1. When the mill is not installed at the operation site, it should be properly kept. The exposed surface must be covered with rust-proof grease to avoid sunlight and rain to prevent the body from rusting and water. A maintenance system must be established.
    2. The workshop and foundation should have sufficient height and installation position according to the size of the foundation drawing. The mill foundation should be made of high surface cement and must be buried with steel bars to cast the foundation, and a threaded pipe or cable trench should be purchased. After the foundation is poured, , Must have a 15-day warranty period.
    3, 4R should be equipped with 2-3 tons of lifting tools for public installation and maintenance.
    4. If the mill has been in use for more than 6 months, it should be cleaned and inspected the central axis system transmission device, grinding roller device, analysis machine oil pool, etc. After cleaning and inspection, each component should be filled with sufficient grease.
    Points to note during the installation of Raymond Mill:
    1. Firstly suspend the base of the transmission into the pit and fill it, pay attention to control a certain height, and then correct the upper plane "A" with a spirit level. At the same time, install the transmission on the "A" surface and fix it with a screw.
    2. Host installation. Before installation, a rubber shock pad should be placed on the bottom of the base in contact with the concrete foundation and the anchor bolt connection, and then use a frame level to correct the "B" plane of the base. The calibration point is four points of the cross and the cross. At the same time, adjust the two half couplings. The "C" and "D" of the device should be less than 0.2 mm in different axes, the non-parallelness of E1-E2 should not be greater than 0.1 mm, and the gap between "E1" and "E2" should be kept within 5-8 mm.
    3. The position and height of the piping device should be installed according to the general drawing, and should not be arbitrarily altered and heightened. The joints of the piping should be sealed. There should be no air leakage after tightening. The electrical equipment should be accurate and reliable. Test machine.
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