What investments are required for a construction waste production line


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  • January 06, 2020 12:30 PM - August 14, 2020 1:30 PM ((GMT+08:00) Singapore)
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  • In recent years, the rapid development of the national economy and the environmental problems brought about by it have been a prominent contradiction. The central and local governments have been working to find a perfect solution. A prominent problem in the process of economic development is the construction waste generated in the process of urban construction. In recent years, urbanization has been rapidly promoted, and new high-rise buildings have risen. The amount of urban construction, the transformation of old cities, and the reconstruction of urban villages have been increasing. Large-scale demolition has generated a large amount of construction waste and a large amount of construction waste has been discharged. It has brought huge trouble to the urban ecological environment, urban health, and transportation.
    The government has attached great importance to the treatment of construction waste. The government has provided financial and spiritual support to Construction Waste crusher companies to encourage construction waste disposal. Shanghai SBM Machinery is the first construction waste production reported and recommended by CCTV in China. Equipment manufacturers provide comprehensive investment guidance for construction waste disposal investors. SBM Machinery provides guidance on construction waste disposal from two aspects: investment policy and investment funds.
    First: preferential policies for investment in construction waste treatment
    (1) Keep up with government policies and enjoy high government support funds. For the treatment of construction waste, the government strongly supports and provides corresponding government support funds. It is estimated that it can save about 5% of capital investment for construction waste investors;
    (2) Reduce investment cost of equipment purchase through financing lease. Construction waste disposal requires a large amount of machinery and equipment, which may cause investors' trouble in investing funds. Construction waste disposal investors can use financial leasing to suspend the problem of capital shortage.
    (3) Recycling of resources, realizing low cost and high profitability.
    Under the current situation, construction waste does not need to pay for it. Through the Construction Waste crusher system, it can be turned into recycled aggregates, which can solve the problem of investment raw material costs. Recycled fine aggregates produced by mobile crushing stations and other construction waste recycling equipment can be used. It is used to make 15 kinds of new environmentally friendly building materials such as square bricks, grass planting bricks, and roadside bricks. Recycled coarse aggregate can be used for paving roads, etc., and truly realizes low cost and high profitability.
    Second: construction waste treatment investment funds
    For the investment of construction waste treatment equipment, we can calculate an account: the investment cost of a tire-type mobile crushing station minus 5% of the investment saved with government support, and then through financial leasing, the initial funds need only the entire unit About 15% of equipment, coupled with the profitability of recycled products, the crushing and recycling of construction waste can be described as true low cost and high profit.
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