Vertical milling equipment commonly used by fly ash manufacturers


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  • Fly ash is no stranger to us. With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, the use of fly ash in industrial production has been more and more mentioned, and various milling equipment used to process fly ash are also frequent See all kinds of chemical media. Here is a brief introduction to the vertical roller mills commonly used in the processing of fly ash: vertical roller mill are referred to as vertical roller mills, which is a large-scale mill equipment spread abroad. Vertical mills have several different names according to different rolling methods. Bowl vertical roller mills, spherical vertical roller mills, etc. have a large number of different types of vertical roller mills with different design methods. According to decades of domestic vertical roller mill use in the cement industry, SBM heavy machine vertical roller mill is based on this mill design concept combined with the actual needs of domestic cement, coal, fly ash and other fields. Come.
    SBM coal vertical roller mill uses vertical bowl mill structure to grind materials. Auxiliary hydraulic complete maintenance system can ensure high efficiency operation of equipment under stable grinding pressure, and a fully automatic hydraulic system is also conducive to Test and maintain the equipment in time. The vertical roller mill with strong power support is completely different from the ordinary Raymond mill, trapezoid mill and suspended roller mill, etc. The vertical roller mill has higher requirements for the stability of the material. Different production systems for coal, cement, fly ash and other materials are equipped with different production systems, and the production process is batch processing. During normal operation, the output per hour is about 80-300 tons. Therefore, since the vertical roller mill was put on the market, Only used in the large-scale cement and coal industry, the general grinding market is rarely seen. Compared with the large-scale production of vertical roller mills, coal vertical roller mills can be widely used in cement, power, steel, metallurgy and other industries. Due to its special technology and structure, the coal vertical roller mill has less dust and less noise in the production process, and the produced coal powder has efficient gradation and excellent combustion performance. The coal vertical roller mill produced by our company has a simple process and compact equipment. The fineness of the coal powder can reach 80 μmR 3%, and the fineness is stable and the particle size is uniform. Introduction of working principle of coal vertical roller mill:
    The SBM heavy machine is driven by an electric motor. The planetary reducer drives the pulverizer's grinding disc to rotate. The 2-4 grinding rollers on the grinding disc rotate under the drive of the grinding disc. Because of the hydraulic loading force, the squeezing between the grinding roller and the grinding disc causes the crushing of large-grain raw coal. The small friction coal is crushed by the sliding friction generated by the relative motion of the grinding roller and the grinding disc; while the raw coal is milled in the mill, the raw coal is dried by the hot air (generally below 300 ℃) passed into the vertical roller mill The moisture content reaches the requirements of the finished coal powder; the milled coal powder is transported into the separator through the primary air for separation. The qualified pulverized coal is transported to the pulverized coal bunker, and the unqualified coarse pulverized coal is returned to the mill for re-grinding.
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