SBM high efficiency sand making machine features


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  • May 04, 2020 2:00 PM - February 19, 2021 3:30 PM ((GMT+08:00) Singapore)
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  • Speaking of sand and gravel, we will immediately think of high-rise buildings, highways and railways, brick mines and so on, of course, all because these are inseparable from sand and gravel, it seems, sand and gravel is very widely used, which makes the market emerge a lot of Artificial Sand Making Machine manufacturers, different manufacturers, product quality is also different, SBM production of efficient sand making machine carefully set up, excellent products, the following on the advantages of the equipment is introduced.
    (1) High output, good quality and reliable operation.
    (2) Small and uniform product size (D90≤3mm, D flat≤1mm).
    (3) Efficient sand making machine is 60% to 100% more productive than other similar equipment.
    (4) Energy savings of 20% to 40% over other similar equipment.
    (5) Metal consumption is much lower than other equipment in the same category.
    (6) Simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance.
    In some areas, natural sand has struggled to meet the demands of economic development, both in terms of quality requirements and production supply. The emergence of efficient sand making machines has better solved the problem of supplying construction raw materials in areas where natural sand is scarce and increasingly demanding quality issues. In addition, artificial sand has the advantages of good particle shape, grade compatibility, and basically does not contain soil and powdered stone foam.
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