Black Market Blueprints cannot be traded in the game

Blueprints are a new type of drop that replaced Crates. After a match, the player has the chance to Rocket League Credits receive a random Blueprint and this will show an item that can be created. If the player has enough credits, they can build this new item. Although, players can also trade in the Blueprint at a later time. Each Blueprint comes along with its own unique attribute like being Certified, Painted, or a Special Edition. Now, the Black Market Blueprints add a bit more depth to this mechanic. Here's what they do in Rocket League.

The Black Market Blueprints are a part of a trade-in system in the game. Players are able to trade in five Blueprints for one random Blueprint of the next-highest rarity. Here's how the rarities are broken down.

Black Market Blueprints cannot be traded in the game. These Blueprints are extremely rare and valuable and provide unique designs to the player's vehicle. It is a bit of a grind to unlock them since Blueprints do need to be leveled up before they can trade. The best thing players can do is continue to play matches and collect as many Blueprints as possible.
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