A New Breed of Field Service Management Software

There is a new breed of field service management in the market. The new software uses leading-edge developments and the latest mobile app technology to maximise the productivity of field workers and service businesses alike. field service project management software

What is field service management software?

Field service management software is designed to manage, coordinate and optimise the performance of field workers, such as maintenance operatives and servicing contractors, whilst they are working in the field.

The software itself stores and manages information required for field workers to carry out their work, such as data about assets that they need to work on (i.e. properties to be maintained) and the jobs at hand (i.e. fix windows at a particular property).

The software is also designed to optimise processes and the performance of field workers - often through what is termed "intelligent scheduling". Such intelligent scheduling really is the engine room of field Management software, as it ensures the right field worker with the right skills is dispatched to the right location with the right kit on board and the right information for that job at hand. Information is often relayed to a field worker's mobile device, so they are enabled to be as effective as possible in their field of work. field service tracking software online

What does the new breed of software look like?

Field service management software has been pushing the boundaries of service in recent times. The software now utilises cutting-edge technology to the fullest. The best of the pack uses cloud-based technology, the latest developments in mobile applications and capabilities to perform across multiple browser platforms.

For example, the most leading-edge field service management software will have developed mobile applications to help support service companies to maximise the performance of mobile workforces. Often using HTML5 mobile app technology, service software delivers a completely mobile way of working to field service workers, which will include the ability for jobs to be sent directly to mobile devices, workers to be able to see schedules and supporting information when required, and work offline in areas of poor connectivity.

Many of the latest HTML5 mobile apps are making the most of local storage capabilities, which enable offline working. For example, a worker in a tunnel may lose their internet connection but local storage means they can continue and still see all of the information they need on their mobile and make updates where necessary. When the connection is restored the mobile updates the server and the centralised system. cloud based field service management software online

So the new breed of field service management is here and using leading-edge technology to the fullest. Service businesses need to seize these developments to maximise the productivity of their mobile workforces.

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