If you opt for this option you're character will proceed to pester

Jagex initially brought this out mini-OSRS gold game, however, it was too hard to complete. Jagex have made it much easier to complete Vinesweeper by having the following updates: All prerequisites to perform Vinesweeper have been eliminated. Anyone can play. The Farming encounter you receive for cashing in Vinesweeper points has dramatically improved. The cost of flags has reduced when buying them with coins OR points. The cost of seeds from the Winkin store has decreased, so that you can buy more with your Vinesweeper points.

Players leaving Vinesweeper with their flags are able to retrieve them out of Blinkin at no cost, without being reimbursed for them. The rabbits have not been getting enough ogleroots in their diet and it's had some strange consequences. The rabbits have increased in size, making them easier to target using ogleroots. The Vinesweeper rabbits appeared to be very quick at eating seeds prior to the farmer could get there or you can stop them using an ogleroot. To solve this, you can now distract the rabbits having an ogleroot in a bigger space, allowing you to easily protect your flags.

Now, after this update the once challenging mini-game is currently being rated as too simple. This is a shame as a lot of people can now earn more Farming encounter cheaply and without Buy old school runescape gold actually Farming! People who squandered their money on getting 99 Farming today look at this upgrade and think what a waste their money has been.
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