It appears like this ones energy has been drained! Azzanadra will then appear.

Light Wooden RS3 gold plank- You concentrate your balance and make yourself mild so that your weight does not violate the plank-agility-if you fail, you will either fall off the plank, or the board will snap in half, sending you into the pool of mud that awaits below. Monkey Bars-old style park monkeybars-agility-if you fail, you drop and smack into the floor

Rock Throw-your character throws stones at a switch on a wall over a door, which will open the door-strength-If you neglect, the rock just overlooks and you keep throwing rocks till you hit the switch. Vine and Zipline-You scale a vine up to a platform, where you slide down a zipline-agility and strength-you fail either because the ribbon pops (causing to autumn and take 2 damage) or when you slip down the Zipline and slam full-force to the wall at the conclusion (which induces 3 damage)

You might have followed us this way, but your trail ends here! One of the vampires, however, will throw blood hurry on youpersonally, but won't heal himself, but instead the vampire using the maximum damage obtained. Slay each of the vampires. You will approach the altar, which is no longer glowing red.

It appears like this ones energy has been drained! Azzanadra will then appear. Indeed it has, *Your name. * All these miserable Zamorakian's search for the master's energy, but this must stop! Right, I'll do that . Come back to my pyramid with all haste, so that I will teach you buy RuneScape gold how to sanctify the shrines once again. (Conversation ends)
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