The hugely famous Escape from Tarkov is as yet in early access

Any individual who has perused my DayZ article gotten a little knowledge into my gamer persona. Some way or another I am mystically attracted to this masochistic bad-to-the-bone endurance game technician, regardless of whether it routinely baffles me fiercely After only one round of EFT, I realized this game could be hazardous for me - the severe adrenaline surge felt excessively like DayZ to leave me cold between the rounds. Moreover, I made some truly decent slaughters for a fledgling and, regardless of my practically unbelievable inferior IRL direction, I built up an acceptable «game sense».

The hugely famous Escape from Tarkov is as yet in early access, which implies it's a long way from content total. Players are especially amped up for the impending Streets of Tarkov map, be that as it may, which vows to be the greatest and maybe best yet. Be that as it may, is there a delivery date for the new EFT Roubles Raid map? Here's the most recent from engineer Battlestate Games.
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