Blizzard's past six months have shown a fast changing company

I really don't quite comprehend the Fergusson pick at first glance, provided that his previous encounter between Gears and BioShock really doesn't have much to Diablo IV Gold do with ARPGs, looters or games at the medieval fantasy genre. But I guess that he's being brought in for the physical task of getting the game sent rather than designing the nitty gritty of loot systems or anything like this, something he appears to be quite good at, hence his constant recruitment.

It's just too hard to know what to make of Diablo 4 now given how little we've seen and how much along development it seems to be. And of course that raises additional questions regarding the near future of Gears with no leadership over at Microsoft, particularly after the much acclaimed previous installment he oversaw. It's hard to comprehend how badly Blizzard needs Diablo 4 to be helpful, and therefore it's likely to be all hands on deck for the foreseeable future. And somehow, that comprises Rod Fergusson. What a wild industry.

Typically, shifts like these aren't of note to the average game player -- people change jobs all the time, after all. But Fergusson's studio swap is interested when we think about the wider shifts happening at Blizzard recently.

Followers of the game business may know Fergusson by nicknames like"the fixer" and"the nearer " Perhaps most importantly, he helped BioShock Infinite overcome years of buy Diablo Gold development hell, forming it up into a product that was received positively by the general public.
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