Considered one of the most iconic World of Warcraft Classic quests

Testing for the fix, and parts of the Naxxramas strike, has been going on all through October. What's more, as a piece of a blue post on the Buy WOW Classic Gold gatherings, the designer said the assault and the game's "Scourge Invasion" will "open simultaneously for all domains on the planet on December 3."

This move by Blizzard places the last Classic attack discharge very near when players are anticipating that retail's raid should come out, without further ado following Shadowlands' Nov. 23 delivery date.While Shadowlands initially had a prior delivery day of Oct. 27, the deferred extension discharge is nearer to any Classic attack discharge than some other retail content Before, Blizzard has been moderately aware of separating content deliveries in the two games to forestall cover.
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