Newport 100s Cigarettes line on the filter

Comparison about anti-counterfeiting difference quietly of small to medium sized box: the inside of substantial Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA smoke applies laser holographic anti-counterfeiting, and therefore the lotus on the laser anti-counterfeiting sequence has potent three-dimensional sense and therefore the "lotus" font stroke is actually thick; Faux cigarettes choosing high-definition encoding imitation branding, laser anti-counterfeiting patterns on the three-dimensional sense for the lotus is normally poor and additionally "lotus" font cerebral vascular accidents are evidently fine. Equivalence of variance between butt filters and additionally cigarette conventional paper: the alternative fragrance Newport 100s Cigarettes line on the filter is normally thinner, bedroom is finer, and all the lines relating to the cigarette conventional paper are meshlike; The alternative fragrance line on the false smoke cigars filter Wholesale Cigarettes Store is normally thicker, bedroom is lower, and all the line relating to the cigarette conventional paper is horizontally thread. Comparison about printing differences others in terms of the small to medium sized box: the bronzing bottom for the "lotus" font edge for the real butt is gridded; Fake butt "lotus" font edge for the bronzing bottom is mostly a vertical tier. Small system bottom anti-counterfeiting impact comparison: substantial smoke rock print just for machine variable printing, your steel print is okay, steel hard copy spacing differs from the others and huge; Fake smoke cigars steel stamp will be manual static branding, the on the whole steel press arrangement is normally neat, and additionally shallow, and therefore the steel press stroke is normally thick.
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