The production and smelting process of black corundum

Black corundum is used for free grinding, such as rough grinding by the grinder before electroplating. It is mainly used for polishing and sandblasting stainless steel, metal products, optical glass, bamboo and wood products. It is also a novel abrasive for manufacturing resin grinding wheels, cutting discs, and gauze. aluminium oxide powder It is the sand used in the denim clothing sandblasting workshop of the washing plant, and the high-quality sand for the water cutting industry. There are so many uses for black corundum, so how is this material smelted?


The black corundum smelting mainly adopts the submerged electric furnace smelting method, which is made of bauxite at high temperature in an electric arc furnace. There are three main smelting methods: fixed furnace smelting method, dumping furnace smelting method and stream method smelting method. Due to the large scale of investment in exile smelting, few factories have the strength to build the equipment required by exile method. In terms of technology, exile method It is not mature yet. At present, black corundum manufacturers in my country mainly adopt fixed furnace melting method and dump furnace smelting method:


  1. The black corundum produced by the dumping furnace (method) has many crystal aggregates, small crystal size, high glass phase and distributed on the grain boundary, so the toughness is poor, the brittleness is large, the abrasive grains are easy to fall off and the self-sharpness is good, and the black corundum is dense It has good performance and is more suitable for consolidating abrasive tools and refractory materials.


  1. The corundum produced by the frit furnace (method) has less crystal aggregates, large crystal size, and less glass, so it has poor brittleness, high toughness and good wear resistance. hsl abrasive factory  Due to the large crystal size, toughness and brittleness, the black corundum produced by this smelting method is more suitable for the manufacture of coated abrasives. Therefore, it is still the most used abrasive in abrasive belt production.


  1. In recent years, due to the problem of bauxite resources, the quality of the bauxite used for black corundum smelting has seriously declined, especially the quality of the black corundum block is difficult to meet the quality requirements of downstream products, so the production, processing and subsequent treatment of black corundum abrasives appear more and more important.




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