What is the water purification effect of powdered activated carbon

Powdered activated carbon is finer than other granular activated carbons, so it has a larger specific surface area. When it is put into use, it is easier to determine the dosage because it is like running water, and it also has a good performance in water purification.


With the development of food, medicine, light industry, environmental protection and other industries, powdered activated carbon is used as an adsorption decolorizer, and its consumption is increasing rapidly. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of my country, the annual output of activated carbon in China was only more than 30 tons. By 1996, there were more than 200 manufacturers in the country with an annual output of 130,000 tons.https://www.powdered-activated-carbon.com/


According to different uses of activated carbon, it can be made into powder and granular. Granular activated carbon is divided into shaped carbon (for example: columnar, spherical, etc.) and non-shaped; according to the different activators used in production, it can be divided into physical activated carbon And chemical activated carbon.


According to different production materials, it can be divided into wood charcoal and coal charcoal. Because of the large porosity of wood materials, the internal cell tissue has many natural pores (the specific surface area of charcoal is easy to enter the activator, and the contact surface is large and easy to live. But coal is different (the specific surface area of coal-made coke is only so the reaction surface with activator is much smaller than charcoal.activated-carbon-pellets.com


Powdered activated carbon has the best decolorization performance by chemical methods. It is used in the fields of hydrolysis, fermentation, organic synthesis, sugar, pharmaceuticals, water purification and environmental protection to remove color bodies, colloids, adsorb peculiar smells, and prevent liquid turbidity. Remove foam and increase the evaporation and crystallization speed.


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