Why choose powdered activated carbon for diesel decolorization

The processed diesel will contain a lot of unlily compounds and sulfur, nitrogen, oxides and other components. These components have poor stability, which will make the color of the diesel black and the harmonization worse.


In order to ensure the quality and stability of the difference, it is necessary to adopt a suitable method to remove some unstable components. This process is to decolor the diesel oil.activated activated pellets wholesale Generally, activated carbon is more commonly used, so in the decolorization process should choose powdered activated carbon or How about granular activated carbon?


Generally, the production method of zinc chloride is adopted, which has a developed mesoporous structure, large adsorption capacity, fast filtration speed, high adsorption capacity, less impurities, high purity, and has good decolorization, purification, and purification properties; granular activated carbon is often used for Liquid phase adsorption and gas phase adsorption.


And in the decolorization industry, powdered activated carbon is generally used, because the activated carbon of powdered activated carbon is smaller than granular activated carbon, and the contact area is larger than that of granular activated carbon, which saves time in decolorization than granular activated carbon. yongruida  But in the decolorization industry, the iodine value of decolorization activated carbon will be higher.


Therefore, powdered activated carbon should be selected for diesel decolorization.



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