Your Smelting may be performed

You wish to utilize all your ores to create bars which are utilized to fill the moulds which you've purchased. Make as many unstrung holy symbols as possible but don't sell them into OSRS gold the general shop. Bank all of them rather and head over to Edgeville. You may begin your selling trip there. You will need to go to the Bandit shop in the Wilderness as these thugs will buy every one of your new-made goods for 120 gold.

To Boost your farming make sure to mine stones at the Varrock as it's the closest mine into the lender. Your Smelting may be performed at Edgeville and Crafting at Al-Kharid. For Ultimate Ironman, danger won't be worth the benefit so market everything to the overall store instead. Tiaras may also be made to get a little bit of profit, but generally they are better for expertise compared to coins. If you're on high enough Mining ability level, you can push this procedure into the maximum gain by mining gold ore and earning Gold Necklaces in addition to Gold Amulets. Those will lend you the best profit but with lower experience per hour.

You can start off by visiting the Lava Maze located north-west deep Within the Wilderness. If you are over 55 Magic you can also bring some Fire runes and Nature runes. It will allow you to use High Alchemy spell on staves and armor that's used to decompose items to the gold. With that you won't have to rush to the store to sell your things after your inventory is full. Remember that this method involves running to wildy and since it is a pvp zone you might get captured by other players - bring only necessary items.

Requirements: More than 30 Agility (51+ will be ideal ), a weapon, waterskins and cheap RuneScape gold maybe meals on low Agility level. Although we researched this method as a risky one, you can't get killed by other players performing this task. The thing that can kill you is the desert heat together with obstacles that can damage you.
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