It Was Only Just Phantasy Star-Related Items

Agree. These clowns that keep saying. And for the idiots that keep saying"Why don't you learn Japanese". Well people do research and learn the terminology and guess what? I studied Japanese for 4 decades and I'm still dumbfounded on why would Meseta pso2 you even attempt to censor/change things that has been put there from the original founders on all websites.

The better question is why not find a different hobby and stop infecting these IPs together with your crap ideologies. If you can not deal with a lot of 2D artwork and it triggers or makes you uncomfortable. As for the bath scene, grabbing a female's breasts for comic relief is actually poor taste and must be omitted from our culture. But anime is filled with crap such as this.

Same with undesirable ass grabbing for homosexual characters for comedic effects.

Because seeing nude women will make u to a rapist, so seeing nude children will make u into a child rapist /so. The internet loves the see things from the most fucked up way possible. Like a kid eating a banana on the current automobile comercial. The cencor mentality that Cheap PSO2 Meseta every1s defending isnt this the exact same mentality that muslims have? Better cover the wamen too.
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