Which industries can columnar activated carbon be used in?

Columnar activated carbon is mainly made by crushing, carbonizing and processing coal and coal products. It inherits the mechanical strength of coal products and the adsorption capacity of activated carbon. wanyang activated carbon factory It is used in the fields of chemical raw material gas and chemical synthesis gas, pharmaceutical gas and beverage decolorization and purification. , Nitrogen, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, ethane, ethane, cracked gas, inert gas purification and purification has a strong treatment effect.


Among them, columnar activated carbon is mostly used in sewage treatment, and water treatment with different standards of water quality in industry, agriculture and life.


Desulfurization and denitrification, the removal of H2S in various biogas digester water gas, semi-water gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, carbon dioxide gas, city gas, synthetic ammonia process gas, chemical raw material gas and other gases.


The decolorization and purification of beverages and wineries uses the good adsorption and decolorization capacity of columnar activated carbon, and physical adsorption does not cause harm to the human body. It also has a good use effect in beverages and wineries.


For the purification of precious metals and the recovery of the tail liquid, the columnar activated carbon is chemically stable and will not easily occur with the adsorbed substances, so it has an obvious effect on the recovery of precious metals and the tail liquid.


Columnar activated carbon can be used as a catalytic carrier. yrdcarbon.com First, a catalytic substance is added to the water containing chemical elements to react and then be adsorbed by the columnar activated carbon as a carrier, and then the material to be extracted is precipitated.


Columnar activated carbon has a wide range of applications, and columnar activated carbon can be seen in almost all industries.


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