How does columnar activated carbon purify the water quality of fish tanks

Columnar activated carbon has developed pores, excellent adsorption capacity, high abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength, low price and easy regeneration. It is widely used in industrial water treatment, domestic water treatment and gas purification, organic waste gas and solvent recovery.


In recent years, with the improvement of living standards and technological progress, columnar activated carbon appears in more forms in human life. bituminous coal activated carbon Dust masks and adsorption packages for harmful gases such as formaldehyde are even used in fish tanks. It can effectively purify the water and filter the impurities in the fish tank.


The fish tank will become very turbid after being used for a period of time, mixed with some impurities, which makes the fish tank very dirty and contains a lot of bacteria, which is not conducive to the survival of the fish. At this time, some columnar activated carbon can be placed, which can be effective on the inside of the fish tank in a short time. Clean and absorb impurities in the water quality to purify the water quality.


If the fish food in the aquarium and the fish get sick, the water quality inside the aquarium will be contaminated, which will also affect the survival of the fish. The columnar activated carbon can effectively adsorb these substances and reduce water pollution.


Fish food will inevitably have residues during the throwing process. In addition to the excrement of fish and the carbon dioxide produced by breathing, the water quality is turbid and bacteria breed, and the use of columnar activated carbon can effectively absorb carbon dioxide and harmful fungi to improve the water environment.


However, columnar activated carbon is not possible in a water tank. Regular water changes can create a good fish tank environment.


It is believed that with the progress of the process, the columnar activated carbon has a strong adsorption rate and can be used in more fields to serve the public.

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