It Will Not Matter If You Construct

I would actually be fine with EVE Mobile ISK that tbh. Longer risk-free when I am at work or irregular connection, shorter risky when I'm at home on bluestacks and able to get it on a side monitor and pay extra attention. Would not be a poor compromise.

Or you could just actually allow it to be a mobile game. It's not assumed to be a complete EO experience. Like seriously. Make it so you can be attacked when you reconnect and it is fine.And increasing time that much is restrictive in many other respects, the traveling takes a time as it is. Just wanting to not babysit the match while traveling should not mandate you doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your trip time.Again. This is a portable game, maybe not EO. It has to be viewed through that lens.

You can only really die if you misplay. In your case, you ought to check at neighborhood and if you see people pop in, track enemy ships nearby(custom frame recommended) and should they warp in, you warp out.The difficulty lies (I guess ) there being a greater ratio of casuals to hardcore. Drive them away and who'll pay the invoices? ISK has to come from somewhere and alphas are not injecting ISK to the economy.It's a mobile game, you will have more casual gamers.

Desire a hardcore Eve experience? Fantastic news! There's already a fantastic game for it. Eve Online.Eve Echoes should have hardcore components, but it does not need to become EO. It's a mobile game and has to bear that in mind when it makes changes that significantly affect the play of the game and the Cheap EVE Echoes ISK player base.Not how things work on mobile games, and not the way things work when droves of individuals stop a game. This isnt pc baby girl, games with little playerbase arent respected and their matches become shut down. Echoes doesnt have to mirror eve online and if something doesnt work it ought to be removed or refit for this mobile game not a computer game.
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