I burned and suffered with RuneScape

Um, I'm likely to be a part in a couple of times (~Whoo hoo! ~). And RuneScape gold my first plan was to get a Dragon Dagger the afternoon that I became one. In my dismay, today I found to be able to wield it. I would have to have completed Lost City. Looking further in the quest itself stated: Want to be able to defeat a level 101 Spirit. At the moment I stuffed my shorts with bricks and then the dissapointment came. About a Week Ago... The time has come... I said to myself. My heart pounding, my stomach stirring I obtained on Lady Lumbridge and I sailed to the Island of Crandor. I stared over the tiny walls and watched him. The Dragon wondering about blissfully, unbeknownst of his newest challenge... me... I vaulted over the wall and drew my scimitar.

The Dragon found me in the corner of his own and sent a river a flames I had been engulfed and I burned and suffered with dreadful pain, and then I recalled:"the protector" I pulled My Anti-Dragon Shield and the damage was lessened. Magic blast were taken and damaged ensued. I tried to eat but the damage being dealt was I could cure by meals along. I'd dropped... THE END.

My Point , If I could not kill a Level 91 Dragon with Full Rune (Chain, Kite, Scimmy) Ammy of Power, Food and Biology. My plan to find a Dragon Dagger sunk before I might even become a part. Opp! The QUESTION... Does the Spirit, in the case I do choose to fight the soul, use magic or does he just attack with his ghostly fist? How strong is he: Difficulty wise. Your help would be very much gratified. Thanks.

Hello and thank you for reading this article (if anyone really reads it...) My username is Silverwhite3, I am level 74 and im going to be an associate for the 1st time but I dont really understand what to do I would apreciate if you would tell me things: what quests I must perform at my skills/level or witch I should train my skills to do, enjoyable minigames, simple ways to earn money as a member (members things isexpensive ) areas to go, quests to do, blablabla etc.... I would really apreciate it you may also add me to friends to aid me arround since I just have like 1 or 2 memb buddies... PS: tell me exactly what armour, melee, range or mage weapon I should get in my level (who cares about the cash il get it ) PPS: what REAL clan I must join.

Okay first off this is the very first time about the forums. I havent played runescape in a while, but im beginning to agian. At this time im lvl 26 range, 40 life, and im with bronze arrows with willow extended bow. Its taking FOREVER! Just spent and hour obtaining from 20-26. Where can I find chaos runes the speediest. I got 40 att, 38 str, 30 def, complete addy, rune skimmy (although Ill have a rune long and 2hder at a tiny bit) and 39 magic. But I dont want to buy chaos they are just way to much. Idc if I have to kill lvl 7 monsters to receive them I only wish to buy rs3 gold learn the fastest approach.
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