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Any information would be appreciated (even while I'm posting) I can't seem to be able to try out the no-harpoon fishing... you will find tonnes of"use-rod" fishing areas - am I looking in the wrong place or is OSRS gold there something I have to do? I've already talked to Otto around this - but he says is"Oh you require encouragement" or something. Is there another place I have to go to find tuna swords and sharks?

It's come to my attention which nearly 4/7 players have skillcapes nowadays. I have decided to get one myself, crafting. I have discovered something else, also. Well in most cases combat skills are often to 99 for better accuracy, lasting longer in conflict, hitting better, ect. So heres my conclusion: Just how are firemaking, woodcutting, fletching, strength and cooking abilities ?! Waaay to many people have these skillcapes to be honest. Rarity chart is as after (1-10 on rarity [1 is most rare, 10 is least])

Okay, so I have a couple questions: 1. I use the procedure of longrange right now, because of my reduced defense lvl. Is this a fantastic method? Or if I train both seperately. 2. I'm attempting to earn range my principal combat skill (getting battle levels from variety levels) and at the moment I have 4 range levels until I catch up a combat level from it, but I was planning to attempt Dragon Slayer, which when finished would cause me to become a warrior again. Nevertheless, the main difficulty is because of hitpoints going upward, resulting in my range not to get up battle levels, I am falling way behind in my clan in the case of Buy old school runescape gold battle levels. Solution there? 3. I've 44 range and use a yew brief, with iron arrows, and my"friends" are telling me that I should be using steel-addy arrows, even though I have a whole lot of iron arrows, and steel, mith and addy arrows are prohibitively costly (well, I guess not steel just as much x.o), I just have the ability to fletch iron arrows at this time.
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