Since Guthix Is Most Powerful Not-Elder God

I am considering become a Non-Member to conserve a few of my RL money for stuff that RS gold matters. I am trying to think about the disadvantages of becoming a non-member. My listing Disadvantages: Earning money becomes more challenging. Swiftswitch screenshots things up when leveling (does anyone know whether it works properly in swiftkit?) Place and things limited. Few abilities to train and many become harder to level. 3k Trade cap rather than 20k+. Have to drop my items suck as torso and void set. Advantages: Smaller, more compact bank. Can level abilities simpler because there are not any things to distract me.

Best Armor For Leg's Slot. So I want to get the best armor I can find to wear on my thighs. After a bit of research, I found 4 distinct ones which are about the exact same stat-wise, and I am wondering what's the ideal. Moreover, how is Barrows armor repaired? Veracs plate: Strike: -21 magic, -7 range. Defense: +85 stab, +82 slash, +83 conquer, +84 variety, +30 summoning, possibilit of negating opponents prayer and ring bonuses. Dharoks platelegs: Attack: -21 magic, -7 range, Defense: +85 stab, +82 slash, +83 crush, -4 magic, +92 range.

Attacks do more harm as the Rs 3 gold player's hitpoints reduction, your strength will be doubled when beneath 10% health. Guthans chainskirt: Strike: -14 magical, -7 range, Defense: +75 stab, +72 slash, +73 beat, -4 magic, +82 variety, +30 summoning, Powerful attacks have an opportunity of replenishing the participant's health by the damage brought by a 1:1 ratio. Dragon platelegs: Strike: -21 magical, -7 range Defense: +68 stab, +66 slash, +63 beat, -4 magic, +65 range, +20 summoning.
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