I Don'T Understand About Just How Much Capcom

They speak in vague terms about stats, affixes, and abilities changing. I would not be surprised if they took away a lot of the grind and other upgrades Meseta pso2 players have put on their gear so that veterans have less of an edge over new players. They might also make completely new abilities which make the transfer gear less relevant. Difficult to say. They did say that we may not meet the equip needs of the transport gear for a while after beginning NGS, so obviously it won't move over as level 1 equipment. I really don't believe we ought to set our expectations too high though. I'm going to assume transport equipment will be mid-game equipment or require a ton of upgrades to be end-game gear unless they say otherwise.

It was stated that weapons may have distinct appearances and skills, and may be on your level/ability to use in the beginning. Components aren't likely to have any cosmetics, but still have stats, but possibly not the same though. No reference of mill, affixes, or camos.

What a bunch of punks. Does all of our personalities customization carry over like hair, outfits earned through ac, assignment pass etc? I paid $60 with this shit and today there's no longer content. I literally wasted all of my time playing this game." .

The answer is probably no, since that would be fucking stupid. Why is it , where you've got a choice of if you want to pay money, you suddenly have issues? It's not like they are taking cash for a demo or something with Pso2 buy meseta na essentially no content. We are still getting updates. We're still getting chapters 4-6. There's still plenty more sport to play. They're doing this manner because SEGA is fearful of jp whales rioting.
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