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Rotita Coupon Code company it was from this is what the top looks like that I twittered from Zulily this is $17.99 and this particular one is a size medium and I did go by their sizing chart on the website this is a black with an animal print and then a contrast pocket and stripes at the bottom I'm surprised at the amount of detail on the top for $17.99 this reminds me so much of some pieces that I've received from stitch fix so this has a button detail on the back and these are not faux buttons by the way this does go all the way through the fabric has a really nice feel to it and I will show you the care labels here is the exact fabric content and this here are the care instructions it is machine wash I do a lot of front tucks because I'm only 5'4 and sometimes I really need that for waist definition but with a particular pattern on this I think I would be more likely to wear this straight out as a tunic length over leggings or jeggings or even jeans and possibly with some tall boots I was trying to remember what this fabric reminded me of and it just struck me this feels

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