I Just Wear A Very Nubby Ugly Outfit

For tougher supervisors I find them throwing in RuneScape gold plenty of Dung style managers at the long run where there are little things you need to do to win. Some will probably be less effective than others (Lexicus comes to mind) but I believe varying the methods required to kill supervisors are a fantastic step towards more interesting boss battles.

Jagex And The Dangers Of A Half Assed Wildy

With all the current uproar over the revival of this wilderness, I'm likely to have a more indepth research to what it would actually mean to the game, the way the new mechanisms throughout the past couple of years will clash with what we currently call"the wildy" and the problems this brings up. Firstly lets discuss the wilderness boundaries, until 07 there were no safe zone and this is the most fundamental of the current wilderness design, it has safe zones included. Now while you could argue that these should stay, they disrupt the flow of almost any present pvp battles. It's encouraged to hop into a secure zone and in addition, it concentrates fighting them.

This defeats the purpose of what was a lawless place with the addition of constraints for this, the question is will people get a new redesigned wilderness that the classic one or even the current one we see in BH worlds. This brings up another issue, present activities in the jungle which weren't there before. Do they go or stay, and what effect will this have.

Now the Summer quest lineup and Defender of Varrock both have large chunks in the wilderness, even if we assume the quests will stay I believe the best alternative would be instancing that the whole pursuit. What do I mean with Old school runescape buy gold this? The moment you satisfy the quest beginning point or enter he wilderness as part of he defender of varrack story you are on your own, no player interaction. While this would slightly alter the quest it would not effect it too much.
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