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If someone asks you to trust them and provide them a product that they will return, DON'T TRUST THEM. Don't give any things to anybody for free (Unless it is a really close friend that you know in real life). If someone asks you to do that RuneScape gold then you should report them and walk off. Do Not Ever Scam. This is the conclusion of my manual. I have played a couple of games in the truly amazing Orb Project" at which the following has occurred: (aside: I am at the free-to-play world)The green team I'm playing on dominates round 1 and round 2. Everything is going well, and also the purple portal opens up to go to round three. I step into the purple portal, and instead of the purple portal taking me to around 3, it returns me to the runecrafting guild and Acantha is screaming (something to the effect of),"You FAILED!

It is frustrating to be on a group that is doing this well, and the game suddenly ends. Does anyone have a potential explanation for why the match ends after round 2? When your team is succeeding so well, wouldn't the people on your team all want to proceed to rounds 3-6? Or, is there something I do not know about, where people only wish to play with the air and head runecrafting altars? Or is there a bug in the game which occasionally crashes the game after around two?

I think thats all on the Runescape armours.

Sacred clay armour- sure it could transform into different armour and is mild, but it has the same stats has the f2p counter components. The has no usage in members ought to have given it into f2p. Ancient warriors- It only works for a hour then it degrades what a great way to waste 10 million, what is the point the stats aren't amazing and they are a rare fall.

I had been woodcutting in Lletya or however you spell it. I was wearing this: Silly Jester outfit from Fremmenik Isles, Firemaking cape, fire glasses, ring of fire, Inferno adze, Damaged Zamorak book, and a Lucky rabbit's foot. My inventory Runescape 3 gold was full of logs, a little bit of cash, such as 300 gp, and a tiny elf crystal for lleyta teleports. I was running toward llyeta when I started to lag, however, I was right by those lvl 88 wolves. I lost my connection and I thought,"OhI guess I'll be safe from those wolves since I already clicked a secure spot."
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