Osrs devs are paid do develop the material

The players left in RS3 are the ones just didn't dare to OSRS gold make the leap towards Oldscape. Osrs devs are paid do develop the content while ours are... idk, I am not blaming them but the top management is obvs not forcing them to make precious game content.

That is a whole lot less than prawnbrokers but that is insane prices for afk cons. Ahh, I see. I had been making bookcases. Yet only hitting 1.5m/hr with dxp running (using proteans, so larger stocks , too) - complete cocktail increase, as well as pulse core and cinder heart boosts. I really don't have the outfit, but that is still just losing me 6 percent XP, so I'm not 100% sure where the excess xp comes out. Am I missing anything else?

You are aware that the increase from cocktails, cinder cores and heartbeat cores are all obtainable in sport without having to spend any money, correct? I meanI don't care if you think I purchased some secrets, but if you are going to attempt to insinuate something at least be right about it.

idk. I just make flapacks for yak track. It is not actually afk, you create 4 tables a list. Unless you have protean boards it will ever be afk. The take bob disrupted my flat package . Idk if that got hotfixed once I tried it. I really don't think it interrupts if you add Take BoB to your action bar. Most action bar stuff does not disrupt what you are doing.

1 team asked for feedback and community sentiment, the other plonked it in the game. I thought it must've been photoshopped into make them look even more clownish. I interpreted it as buy RS3 gold a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing as is popular during dialogue in this game.
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