Hottest trap and hip hop beats

Good mastering can take a decent project and transform it into an incredible song. Have you ever paid attention to Kendrick Lamar's mastering? Take a moment to listen to his music, listen to his backing vocals and adlibs, as someone who has mastered hundreds of songs at this point I can tell you right now, most of his music would not have the same appeal as it does if the mixing was trash.


When you’re working on a project for at least an hour your ears tend to adapt to the tonal balance and the fact that you are working on your own song can cloud your judgment. So take a break away from the music and also consult someone you trust. Ask them for honest and positive feedback, is the bass too strong? Is the hook too loud? You might miss these things especially when you’ve been at it for hours on end.  Hottest trap and hip hop beats


Reference material you like because our ears get used to tonal balance easily, referencing a song that has mastering you like can give you great insight on what needs fixing. I’d recommend referencing a song with a similar beat to yours or even better a rapper who has a similar tone to yours since different voices need different approaches to mastering.


Leverage Mastering Software There are tons of software out there, if you use FL studio for everything then you can try plugging like Vexing SPAN or Limiter N06. If you prefer mastering software’s I highly recommend Ozone or NOIZ Lab buy hip hop beats online

You can choose to lead fans back to your profile or to your Specify or sound cloud Allow the ads to run for 4 days. Then after 4 days, pick a top 3 of artists who get you the most clicks on your ads. Then turn off all the others that didn’t do well. After that, increase the budget by 10 dollars every 4 days. 


The key to a successful ad, is your targeting, and the key to good targeting is research. All you need to do is create a list of 10 artists who make music very similar to yours who have at least 500k Best hip hop beats


Then when it’s time to create your ad, you want to create an ad from start to finish. (Going all the way to even adding the video or image and the caption you’ll be using) Then you want to duplicate the ad 9 times so you have a total of 10 copies. Then for each copy, use a different artist among the 10 you collected as the targeted interest. Use one artist per ad. Set the budget to 5$ for every ad. 


Another good example would be how we've modeled our beat store following a color code and appearance style that matches our brand.


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