Salty Shores takes the sport to a breezy paradise

This collaboration with Universal handiest suggests that Psyonix have created a sport that truely entertains its audiences. Cross-overs between video games and major movie franchises, or with wrestling massive WWE, have helped the employer maintain to Rocket League Items market itself in a large way.

What’s the one thing greater fun than playing soccer in a rocket-powered automobile? That’s right: playing on a beach, blasting ’80s synth-pop while doing so. Fortunately, Psyonix knows this, and their cutting-edge update for Rocket League Patch v1.Forty five kicks off the summer time by using taking us to the seashore. Along with marking the start of Competitive Season eight, the replace additionally introduces the new Salty Shores arena.

Salty Shores takes the sport to Cheap Rocket League Items a breezy paradise, just in time for the new summer season solar. This sandy arena is neighbored via a colourful coastal skyline and seashore pier. Fluffy clouds flow overhead in a picturesque blue sky because the competing vehicles whizz and collide beneath. New music via Monstercat completes the aesthetic by means of presenting thumping synth bass lines and unfashionable dance grooves. Imagine the vibe of Out Run mixed with the gameplay of Rocket League and you’re halfway there. The one element lacking from this theme is that the same old ball has now not been changed through a seashore ball, which, if we’re being sincere, is the finest unhappiness of 2018 to date.

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