Yep, I didn't make that mistake when 2K14 (I think it was) came out

Yep, I didn't make that mistake when 2K14 (I think it was) came out, didn't buy it on PS3 cos I would just be receiving 2K14 on PS4.2k is shit grade producer.To be more clear: Visual Concepts Studio. They banged WWE2k do departure and wouldnt it be to get the big celebrity of NBA and nba 2k21 mt coins the catastrophic NBA Live, they'd ve done the exact same into NBA2k.WE 2K only got fucked because Yukes left at the middle of the year.It's the best bball sim ever created. What more do you desire?

Understanding how 2k21 is operated by 2k on current gen is literally gonna be 2k20 with jersey upgrades and new rosters. Nothing else extra match. But I bought 2k14 the night it came out and the match was really glitchy for months it made a lot of parts not worth playing or hard to. I dropped my MyPlayer multiple times and in MyGM I had players who were supposed to be hurt for 2 months be outside for two seasons. Hopefully 2k does not make the same mistakes they did last time visiting another console but my expectations are low.

I wonder how a lot of his songs he'll put on the soundtrack.Wow that this Dame D.O.L.L.A album comes with a free baseball game. Neat!I did my best to suppress memories of the idiotic story he wrote, and here you are making me remember it again!RIP my controller activity during those long asf cutscenes.RIP Dirtbike Donnie do not you ever set your fuckin hands in my jacket again.Watching my 68 overall dude do this frequin and vibin while another team conducts a fast break on use. Good times.

Even I was pissed off seeing it.You hate to see players fight it out for 48 minutes just for a bad choice to destroy it.

It entirely invalidated the game and cheap mt nba 2k21 ruined the vibe, was this type of competitive match before that.CJ made a fantastic point about it. Basically he confessed that missed calls happen, but it had been shitty the refs dismissed him and explained it wasn't even close.It was especially brutal because it was the next night of a b2b when half of our crew was dead. It was a frustrating season and you could see how tired the players were.
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