That Retain Some Of Us Depressed Individuals

It feels like this matter is cyclical. There have been so many discussions on this topic over the 9 freaking years I have been visiting this subreddit however I guess it will never die. I think it might be worth devoting my solution for this here for any fresh parties. I could care less about random people's achievements. I would rather have memes. Ban the achievement posts instead and create a new sub for that. Yeah that is the reason why I sub to 07scape also. The memes are so good there. Plus I play OSRS gold games but it's largely for the memes. can we for the love of god ban 99/maxing/comping/trimming etc posts. . . no one cares. Stop treating this sub for example your diary. .

This. Whenever something from RuneScape pops up in my Reddit frontpage, it is always one of those max/99/whatever personal achievement articles. If you don't have"anybody" to discuss it with after spending much time in a MMORPG then I've some terrible news for you. But I am literally 35k from 99 agility. Please?? Ye my one got removed after it lived like 20hrs and obtained 700 upvotes, but let us remove whatever gives others a giggle were not allowed? I frankly thought the memers played with 2007scape or this sub was more dull. Memes are important to construct an online community and just in-group joke references.

Yeah seriously. I obtained a 99 ability and I have no one else to talk about it reddit. Where else should I flaunt my unworthy achievement to feel great about the time that I wasted?Definitely begin deleting"first 99 following 15 decades!" However, the memes don't have any business. They're hilarious. I might assess this sub if they weren't deleted. At this time I only check for TLDW and relevant posts. You should first say you discovered an entry with the mtx to get mods to actually read your article.

Im genuinely surprised that they deleted those memes, didn't even know there was some other kind of censorship here. I might somewhat look closely at the sub again. Cant stand moderation using its authority in a negative way that hurts a community in someway. Beyond only memes - I'm aware of the disappearing posts for a long cheap RS gold time. I stopped using the sub since then. I dont have much faith that will stop but I suppose this is a step in the right direction.
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