They looking for a more NBA 2K21 game

There were chances floating about earlier in the year of nba 2k21 mt coins yanking on a tier about percentages. They've proven the be poppycock since when the whole pack was guaranteed opals (such as NIB), nearly all the players were pulling Jokic, Kemba etc and very few pulling the highly desirable cards such as Kawhi, Ben and AD. Hence that the pack odds aren't distinct per participant, although only different per tier. Oftentimes when hunting through your group, you might come across a player and say"yeah, I want to try him out". There should be an choice to press a button that says"Add To Lineup" which will bring up the lineup screen together with the 8 groups, then you select the lineup and then drop him on whoever you want to substitute or to a new lineup if needed, then once you press the back button it returns you to your previous screen where you were viewing your collection so that you may set another guy in via that method.

For those who play with offline just there should be a marketplace for them to buy cards with MT in the market. These cards are offline ONLY. Cards can be used for both, but offline is offline. For instance, Throwback Moments drops with GO Gerald Wallace and GO Greg Oden and D Wesley Johnson. I am able to buy offline unsellable variations of this opals for 5k and the bead for 1,500k. I can not sell them back to all those prices, because then I would have the ability to break even and utilize the reclaimed MT to store for different cards on auction that I can utilize in both online/offline. They are there for good, if I purchase them. Like cards. They wouldn't rely to Collector Level.

It's basically for musicians and collectors. Online players do not wanna utilize Xavier McDaniel in July anyway, so nobody pulls the packs and he also becomes rare enough to cost himself from an offline player's character. This way offline players can play with who they need. All right. I think that's it. I believe I covered everything, but when I did not, please don't hesitate to add anything in the remarks. Hopefully any dev or 2K employee reads this at a certain stage and takes a number of the points and integrates to some future iteration.

Good job btw. Cards moving forward or no oop position. Along the lines off offline only cards give us a playground style mode where we could play with others employing a 5v5 or 3v3 team up using myteam cards. Should they want financial compensation for this particular make coop only cards so people need to invest in this separately. Have them be additional packs if they're concerned about losing park players. This is a more efficient way for them to cash in anyway then making individuals grind for 40 hours or whatever simply to use a build they might not enjoy the park and stand around looking for a more NBA 2K21 game. It's a very inefficient model. Remove cpu calling timeouts for offline it's dull. Save playbook configurations, freelancer configurations, preferences that are defensive, adaptive training settings, help defense setting.

Maintain meter and shaking settings. No dribble glitching. Small players must have caps for steal speed and dribble evaluations. This would make more players increase and usable sales. People would use little guys if giannis capped at gold quick draw and range with 80 dribbling but AI'd hof everything and had been faster and more shifty. No longer point at skies when rebounding. Fix Kareem skyhook so he doesn't do it behind the backboard. More modes and things to do. Cosmetic achievements for our courts etc to show. The one thing you could really get all year was a fireball. That is everything I can think of buy Nba 2k21 Mt for today.
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