From what I know, it is the p2w aspect mainly mobile games

From what I know, it is the p2w aspect mainly mobile games have that a lot of"typical" RS players dislike, the micro transaction and such. There was some modifications made to the client making RuneScape a little more easy, which upset a number of the neighborhood. So far as I see it, I'm glad that phone gave you the opporunity to RS gold find some profits in again and you are playing. I dont understand why that component of the community becomes annoyed when the developers decide to create something that is tedious slightly less tedious, I believe there's a gap between QoL updates and then giving free stuff away like lowering the drop rates so everyone, specially Ironmen, may have access to these, which would make them unique and weeks later people complain that it has become too common within RuneScape.

One which will never be implemented because Ash hates it except that's alternative 3. He needs an item sink and he doesn't care what anybody else thinks, he has made that very plain to see. That is why the fee is 5 percent, so nobody votes for it. It'll split the vote between 4 and 3 earning 2 triumph though two will be unpopular as fuck. That way they don't need to dismiss the popular vote (even though they stated they want if they had to, aka anything other than 2 winning).Together with the hate from OSRS into RS3, you are bound to get some reactions from the neighborhood that was RS3, its as simple as that. Well I can view them as individuals who cant handle change and stick to their youth game forever, idiots who care more about shitting about the more recent version of RuneScape than the version that they prefer, but thats just fucking dumb. The bad overshadow the individuals locally, although both communities can be fucking tiring sometimes. Even tough the majority of the hate comes in the OSRS side, I do not really care.

I have played because 07 and I still enjoy the modern game. I believe OSRS is most popular for its pking, which I really was a fan of (because I sucked at it). Meanwhile, thanks I have defeated the directors that kicked my ass all those years back and I eventually have had my sin. Not only that but I'm endgame viable which I never believed in a million years I would reach especially with how slow progression sensed, which I think is still a feature/issue (depending on you) of OSRS. I don't to generalize, despite all of the"OSRS players hate RS3 and everybody and everything who plays it" talk, I simply consider them of the hateful, divisive portion of the playerbase that permeates every match.

And I love to think that people simply prefer one game over the other and that fine. I can see why this is an attractive factor to individuals. Hell, I've had my current'primary account's on OS for a couple of decades, and while I am not a super effective player I dont waste time per se, and just recently am I learning ending game pvm like Raids and soloing GWD efficiently. Personally, the fact that it's taken sooooo extended to get my accounts to OSRS Gold For Sale this point makes me very proud of myself, and now when I can complete a few high-quality pvm, it feels really great. To hitting endgame but I can see the appeal.
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