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Game-wise? RS gold is in a sense better condition than pre-eoc and it's not even close. There is much more good content and the material is balanced for the most part. Things are actually implemented by the JMods the players need and listen to opinions. Is the amount of quests which were coming out afterward. Community-wise? Pre-eoc was even better. People speak about stealing soul wars, creation and all sorts with. They would be ghost towns unless they place any overpowered rewards in Should they put those things into OSRS. The neighborhood mindset has basically changed and it will not be like it was back then.

It's nearly like EoC was the issue and virtually nothing else (automatically, anyhow, elimination of free transaction was clearly terrible). The closest thing to Dungeoneering/Summoning we could have had in relation to a special skill was likely Sailing, but the"rS3 bAd" audience will never let anything overly interesting creep into OSRS. That is a good thing and a bad thing, I guess.If you are implying that we ought to have summoning in osrs I'm firmly against this. Either we get it the exact same way it played out in rs3 (Enormous ezscape in the shape of easy recovery, very good dps increase or additional bagspace) where it is dumb not to use it regardless of what pvm you do (and many non pvm things too). Or it'll be too inconsequential to matter, where the charge to effect ratio is very high, or else they have durations or just effects that are intentionally weak as to not upset the meta much.

I wouldnt argue that EOC was the issue, it was how Jagex implemented it and then added 101 solutions that forced it. Should you plat EOC today RuneScape is excellent. The designers actually made the directors and monsters and the best of this combat system that came following EOC which make the most of that system makes EOC enjoyable to play. However, at launch they were hoping to create to a lot of half-measures that created people who enjoyed the upgrade feel unsatisfied and axed the system and individuals who hated the upgrade feel left out. If Jagex had the insight they have now with the combat system, I feel like EOC wouldnt of been buggered at the beginning and if they really made it apparent with evolution diaries and enabled more player interaction aside from just"show case" server less players wouldnt of felt so betrayed.

EOC and rS3 isnt as bad and OSRS would have you think, you have to jump through the incredibly jumbled beginning of RS3 and you'll be set. "too interesting", a great deal of the stuff polled and implied are only electricity - or xpcreep that is not qualitatively more interesting to play with than the existing items we have (sometimes worse), frequently just contributing to imbalance or even creating things easier to appease the people that dislike the material rather than those that enjoy it.I don't think even the people runescape 2107 gold who are nostalgic about 2007 are inclined to oppose content that truly improves gameplay. I think most players agree that the PvM is a massive update concerning quality of game play.
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