The present version will have any employees remaining working

There are three (two in how things are done these days) primary options for continued support that can be utilized:Advertisements, Micro Transactions, DLC (I'm speaking more what in the past would be termed an expansion by the way, not here's another blinged out epidermis for your character customization choices ). The problem I have is targeted advertisment if you expect me to pay full price for NBA 2K AND then AND utilize trades shard MT for sale 2K21 off with DLC's with content.

This is something that Overwatch since NBA 2K got appropriate - mostly (it's micro transaction version does have a few issues - but since pretty well everything is earnable through play time it is not a significant problem ). I get having such and product placements : But we need games to be matches. The best alternative in addressing this, we as customers have can be loudly NOT get the product until it's fixed, and complain loudly until it's fixed. It is like training a dog rather - if they're poor, we do not provide them treats. If they listen and behave themselves we give them treats. In the event of media companies etc.. Treats = money.

I mean if you're going to have a long term commitment to NBA 2K you also don't launch a new version every single year. This is not the sort of sport which is going to be supported for 5 years and needs extra revenue sources to allow them to continue to be able provide updates. Once 2K22 or anything drops next year, it is doubtful that the present version will have any employees remaining working on it.

The justice humble bundle was purchased by me and it included 2K20. I chased the series but the simulation itself is something I have loved for so long that I had to hop in off. The ad is a KIA one, this season and they don't even conceal the fact that they're covering within the UI. Typically, they have the option to skip their video show or take part in the questions they ask. The area where the skip button is has this shining light that hovers over it, while the advertisement plays. It honestly feels like they're taunting you a bit like"view, this is where the button to bypass usually is but you can not press it"

I need to admire the balls. Could MS ask $70 to get Sony or Halo request that top for God of War? Sure. There is not any way currently asking $70 for Buy NBA 2K21 MT a basketball match that fucks you with microtransactions every opportunity it gets as well as will likely just be a coat of paint, is currently going to fly. Do not believe going up $10 for second gen is going to harm them much. Except it will fly well. It is a sports match in the end, fans buy them without even thinking about it.
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