I believe the time span was within the range of 200 years

Though it had been regarded as possible, it is pso2 sales still clear a good deal of time has passed because PSO1 because Casts are now able to use techniques, something they had been blatantly incapable of at that time. Evidence of photon progress was that they could be implemented to weapon usage. I believe the time span was within the range of 200 years.

The big thing that I think supports this theory is how much like the forest creatures on Naverius are to the creatures on Ragol. Gibbles, Yetis, the Rockbears and Hildebears and associated monsters could be regional and/or slightly developed from similar families. The wolves share patterns between the 2 generations in addition to sizes and appearance. The rappies themselves are almost identical. The Bansers and Banshees are an exception. However, this can be best explained by the fact that while some animals are native to particular environments, it will not guarantee they will be evident in most events of those environments.

With all the Bansers and Banshees essentially being equivalent to forest/tundra lions, it's possible that with the limited exploration range of your adventures around Pioneer 1 which you never had a opportunity to encounter them. Before you say"However, rappies can appear in any place in PSO2!" Those rappies are the exception because there's a capsule you can locate in any place saying that rappies transcend time and space. And these rappies can appear everywhere, for example, forest alongside Nav rappies. Nav rappies themselves cannot show up anywhere except the woods.

The rappies that may show up anywhere have significantly different looks. What this suggests is that those rappies are part of a nexus point and therefore are crossing into our timeline instead of being a natural element of it such as Naverius or Ragol rappies. Now, another story matter, if Dark Falz Elder ruined Pioneer 2, could ARKS Ragol into Naverius and then why wasn't it? We're gonna begin getting into spoilers that are big today, so here's your warning.

Due to they can't anticipate evolutionary modifications that are extreme in Ragol's ecosystem. The similarities you may see between the wolves, apes and rappies from the woods are present and appear to be associated even though they clearly demonstrate quite a few differences. For contrast, we know that orangutans and gorillas are sorta closely linked as apes. They reveal numerous differences that are easily marked but are still obviously in cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta precisely the family tree. I feel that are inside the boundaries of evolutionary divergence.
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