I'm in the minority but I like the archetype update system

I'm in the minority but I like the archetype update system. In when you can pick and choose what things to upgrade, at least online franchises, guys would be able to turn players into mut coins madden 21 the cheesiest players. This kinda forces your gamers to be balanced athletes entire and you can't just max out the same 4 stats and make your player a total cheeseball.I'm with you. I frankly think that it's a little more realistic as well. You do not always know which type of player someone will become. This adds a bit of chance. Maybe you've got a super talented player but he is not a strategy match. Can you put points at the arch kind to create him a strategy match or essentially have him play out of place but because he is talented it is okay? I like the types. I'd love to see custom schemes though (picking what arch types go at every position rather than the preset ones).

Honestly I haven't given up hope yet for some odd reason, I am not going to judge madden 21 now, nevertheless (hear me out) if the beta comes out and people start whining, I'm not wasting just one buck with this bit of bullshittery that EA comes up with every single damn year. You know what? That is fair. Maybe that means there was so much added that it will need its entire forum? Or perhaps that means they could not consume half of the developments and added like two things? Probably the latter but we will see! So we'll play more MUT, more like they took away two features.

I had a convo with a friend on the way that there used to be so much you could do on Franchise mode where now its nothing. From Changing the Name of the stadium, to choosing what the scene inside looked like, uniforms colors all that. Something as simple as in practice they would wear exercise equipment. Let me buy it it be accessible to me everywhere. They'll never fix it. After holding out for the past few decades I've lost all hope. Make up for the folks who do depart madden every year.

Had great run blocking and gamers didn't feel like they are floating rubber items. Had skillful run drama, juking, spinning, hurdling vs madden 20s pin-ball, skill based, animation gambling running. Two maddens I purchased was 13 and 19 available. Allow the youtubers buy it like constantly (I actually enjoy a station ) however if you want madden to be great again and have more depth than a Nintendo DS game we have to talk with our cash into EA and buy Madden nfl 21 coins the NFL, because it's the only language they talk, if madden below performs in earnings for the next 5 years that they won't prolong the contract between EA and NFL simulation exclusivity leading to much needed competition. Imagine the NFL with only one team only playing against itself, that's madden right now, we need an additional simulation game to push madden to function better. Just need madden for a good game again.
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