Harvest Balance Changes

We have been in the Harvest League for some time. Although many players like Harvest's production skills, they feel like they are participating in the Standard League. The rarity of
POE Currency will only make the situation worse. After that, GGG released a considerable balance patch and made many changes.

The biggest complaint from players is that you cannot find other seeds on higher-level maps; you can use these seeds on higher-level items; in addition, there are no agricultural uses on 15-level maps, which is even more difficult.

Similarly, they doubled the speed of secondary seed treatment. This means that when you need to run 16 layers (twice the seed and twice the packet loss rate), the number of second layers you will get will be four times that of the previous page. For each plot, as a person, a lot of things have been planted since the patch was released, so I no longer have level 3 seeds, and my hiding area has at least level 2-4.

At the same time, they adopted the rate of decline of high-quality handicrafts. (The highest ringtone, loud ringtone/loud ringtone) are very low, greatly enhancing their appearance. Therefore, without flowers to feed you, you will find that each seed accounts for an average of one-third of the workload. Level 1 flowers can increase your chances and you can find up to 3-4 pictures. Each of them actually feels enough. You can buy accessories. I do everything by myself, no need to buy seeds, I and everyone else do it. Of course, SSF is a good partner!

For reference, in less than a week since the patch was released, I personally collected 5 key enhancements, which require POE iems before releasing the patch. Therefore, when they say they want to change their faces, they are serious.

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