Everything wrong with NBA 2K20

Does intimidator exist? Put and give the intimidator badge to nba 2k20 mt coins him and my threat will miss a fucking layup bc of the badge that is shitty. Talking of layups, why the fuck r layups so gloomy? Has not 2K ever observed clips of Micheal jordan, d improved,Dr J or Kyrie? Are hooks op? I havent seen someone attempt a hook shot regularly ever since Timmy D retired. Why does the intimidator work on layups but it never helps me out? If this be the other way around? Twist 3 and fade 3 are way too op, posting up on NBA 2K is overly op, we noone gives a fuck about posting about anymore, especially hooks stinks somewhat exist.

Why are dribble moves dull and so repetitive? We get it can zig zag and use ur center as ur bitch to place screens and white a fade from the emblem, yeah im certain that shit takes skill. As someone who abuses the Kobe escape should be nerfed it is too easy to rim conduct. Telephone for pass discounted ought to be removed from mycareer I couldnt have contributed less fucks about AD trying 100 percent layups 15 occasions NBA 2K simply gimme that the ball ima grind my badges idgaf about NBA 2K whether we win or lose only gimme that the ball I want grind my badges. Randoms who refuse to pass should get banned that they dont deserve to play with NBA 2K they deserve to be made to play with NBA 2K18 until they die.

Shooting is op that a Bill Russel build shouldnt be hitting greens everytime he's on the corner. Shooting doesnt demand skill. It is all about having a fantastic internet and memorizing the cues that are jumpshot. If the best shooter of all time, Steph Curry is a 45 percent 3 pt shooter my threat shouldnt be able to go 4/4 every game. I dont give a fuck about what that bald man im just here to the badges I couldnt have given fucks if ur school friend is at our lockerroom says on the cutscenes and wants a selfie from a rookie who played 4 fucking games. Dances are cringe and waste of time like Chris smoove stated, I change my badges while shouting wE sEe ThE hYpE oUtSiDe throughout that time as opposed to a 12 year old doing floss.

Nothing badge is the thing ive ever seen in my entire life it turns a shitty layup attempt into a staredown w that is cringy and a faul. Handles for volume shooter and times shoukd be eliminated they encourage 10 year olds to become ball hoggs and it boycots ball movement. The soundtrack there is far too much censoring and has too many songs that are shitty. Attributes means nothing in offense u just desire 70 manage 85 driving dunk 70 3 pt that the rest is just badges. Why the fuck is NBA 2K a defense based game? Basketball focused sport and pure locks shouldn't be granted w contact dunks although I like defense. Why does it take decades to find games on park? I dont wanna observe hop and people naruto run off stains just begin NBA 2K man. Believe yall would u lmao and read everything.

The largest difficulty is shooting is OP. The rec squad shots 70%+ from 3 and I lose. 11/11 is gone by game my PG from 3 and we triumph. This shouldn't be NBA 2K functions. That's fucking bullshit. Hands up competition is broken. Half the time when I proceed and help for a hands up contest my man does nothing. Speed boost dribbling is OP and unrealistic. The guards should not be able to spam 15 dribble moves in a row and still be able to zoom dip and past. That is unfair and unrealistic to cheap mt nba 2k20 defend against. This goes double.
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