Madden 21 Leaks: Latest Info About ‘The Yard’ Is Encouraging

With the leakage of various information and various loopholes, Madden 21's The Yard looks more like an addictive mode, which may become an important part of the game stratosphere in the future.

According to some new leaked screenshots, "Crazy" players will be able to unlock specific equipment for their avatars, and there appears to be Madden 21 Coins related to "The Paddock". A user appears to have unlocked the Tie Dye visor for his player’s helmet. Another person has glimpsed an unused game currency upgrade system.

If the function of The Yard is the same as NBA 2K's PARK mode, then the equipment selection will be greatly welcomed by fans. Players like to equip their players with wild accessories, and the tie-dye sun visors in the form of helmets seem to be just a value product that may appear in the scratching game.

When you consider that users can customize helmets, masks, shoulder pads, sweatshirts, elbow pads, wrist straps, sleeves, pants, thigh and knee pads, and cleats, the possibilities seem endless. If Madden Rank is similar to 2K Rep, it will be an important part of the puzzle. Metrics are the elements that create long-term competitiveness for this model.

For some players, a potentially troublesome aspect is the currency in the game. It is indicated by "c" in the screenshot, but we don't know if it can be obtained by Buy MUT 21 Coins or only through in-game achievements. In an earlier version of the franchise model, the user who took the above screenshot seemed to get it.

Obviously, EA hasn't even confirmed The Yard, although there are several screenshots that clearly prove its existence. However, we may have to wait until EA talks about the mode before we can understand all the details.
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