Luther being the sole survivor when the times of PSO2 come about

Destruction and his return of PSO2 Meseta for sale Pioneer two would alert the Oracle fleet. In turn, ARKS would build to defeat him. Then they'd then possess the knowledge that Dark Falz cannot be destroyed, only sealed. Thus leading to the occasion point 40 decades back when Dark Falz was sealed on Ragol/Naverius. If the Photoners that fulfilled with Xion and constructed Oracle were Pioneer 3 (as clarified in another thread here), it would really still fall in line. The only confirmation concerning time passed is that Dark Falz Elder has been sealed away 40 decades ago.

This calls into question things: Why was he sealed in a place of ruin? Did the heroes understand he had to seal him and therefore could not be destroyed? And how can they have have the capability to seal him rather than foolishly attempt to destroy him? The idea all solves That that the Photoners Xion cites were Pioneer 3 that fulfilled with Xion. Pioneer 3 could have understood from Pioneer 2's data what Black Falz had been (and then he could not be destroyed based on their attempts in Episode 1 and 3). Xion being a catalyst to get their photon talent could lead to her being the origin of their capacity to seal Falz Elder. And finally, since Xion had been their technological catalyst which enabled them to react immediately, the heroes might have responded to the devastation of Pioneer 2 even though they were ultimately too late to save it.

Luther did wopal's structure, and recent that the natives did not overlook the language of ARKS ops. Enough that they were still fluent in said language. If they had more than several hundred years, it is more probable they would have adapted over only a dialect and instead developed their own language based on ARKS language. Similar to the way Spanish and French have been derived from Latin, yet distinct from each other. There is also"dead languages"languages which fell out of usage with time.

In reference to Falz Elder being closed on Naverius along with a renamed Ragol, ARKS could have been able to rapidly respond with their brand new technology from Xion. This is further supported by the idea that Photoners were simply humans/newmans with Photon Aptitude at that time period the events of PSO/PSU/PS0 performed. It's also possible that the Photoners were individuals hand-picked by Xion out of the group, together with Luther being the sole survivor when the times of PSO2 come about.

Unfortunately a lot of this does not line up with lore. At one stage I thought that Pioneer 3 started and it was the boat that found Xion, however what causes that to not work out is that the photoners did not even understand what photons were before discovering Xion. That right there pretty much breaks any risk which PSO2 is a sequel to PSO because the Hunters were using photon technologies on Ragol. You may locate its origins through the description.Where was this of buy meseta pso2 the Ruby Bullet?
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